Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day

We have had a bizarre weather week. Early in the week it was in the low 90s with low humidity. So low that my gel medium was drying in less than two minutes - a good thing when you want to finish quickly; a bad thing when you need to adjust placement.

It is back down to the low 60s so I can think again.

In honor of Earth Day, I challenged myself to creating a piece using as much recycled materials and supplies. Using a recycled oatmeal box, pictures from the only magazine I receive, minimal paint/gel medium and miscellaneous tools, old cd, orange juice top and bubble wrap (an old favorite), here is the result:


Work table

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I have not been knitting much lately. I have a couple of projects that are not thrilling to knit but are birthday presents to be done. While I have been stuck on those two projects I work up this:

I liked this market bag I made for a birthday present (excuse the dirty window - it was clean on the inside). I ripped out this bag four times including when I was 18 inches short in binding off. There are a couple of rows that are off but you can't see it and I was happy with the results.
Then this little guy - Pink Martini Elefante:

A felted brown "paper" lunch bag:

I have also replenished the stash. I seemed to be purchasing a lot of purple. These three came from three different LYS:

An amazing purchase at 75% off from Marin Fiber Arts of 5 skeins of Himalaya Silk Wool.

I can't live without some Noro Kureyon in my stash (I had had none), plus the very gorgeous Malabrigo Wool behind it.
Lastily, the monthly Knit Night was held at Bluebird Yarn and Fiber in Sausalito this past Thursday. These are the Afghans for Afghans that were completed and displayed that night. I understand 12 afghans were completed and a few orphan squares maybe added to for at least another.
The orange and purple squares in two of these pictures are mine. I knit six total. I was very pleased to be a part of this project.