Friday, October 30, 2009

EDM Challenge #162 and AJS Lesson 4

Here is EDM challenge # 162 - Draw your breakfast.
Okay, it was my mom's breakfast, so technically not mine. The paper in my little sketchbook does not even the tiniest bit of water so the page warped.
This was yesterday's coffee break (DH's iced coffee not mine).
DH came in to the house asking for a sketchpad as he had an idea for a sketch.

Last, but not least, this week's AJS lesson:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

EDM #246 and Other Sketches

I take my mom out everyday for a little fresh air. I have had my sketchbook and knitting with me. I get a little lost trying to find subjects. On Tuesday, I sketched fingerless gloves I made for my mom since she brought them with her. I think it qualifies for the EDM #246 drawing.

I did create art everyday this past week(pats own back). I previously blogged about the AJS lesson #3. I made another piece based on that lesson but I am waiting for the muse to strike for the final inspiration.

I am not overly happy with these sketches. Atfer all these years, I still have problems with value and I focus too much on detail. I want perfection.

Mailbox, graphite pencil

Trees, Pilot G-1 1.0m

Fountain, graphite pencils.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

AJS Lesson #3

For Lesson #3 of the Artist Journals and Sketchbooks, the lesson was to mimic one of the pages in the book.
I took a class several years ago called Cartooning and Caricature. A lot of the assignments were to copy cartoons. The best way to learn techniques is to study them and to actually copy them.
The following piece is based on the original from Lynne Perrella's page from her book Artist Journals and Sketchbooks (look closely for the second face).
(Based on original by Lynne Perrella)
There was only a short paragraph on the technique, so I just jumped in with my own ideas. Here is how I did the page:
1. Strathmore 400 series drawing paper (which amazingly held thru the 13(!) layers.
2. Completed covered page with turquoise acrylic paint (I used Liquitix Heavy Body throughout).
3. Mixed yellow and yellow cadmium paint with glazing medium and applied almost all over the turquoise. Splattered water over this glaze and let set for two minutes. Used a paper towel over the glaze to remove glaze leaving water patterns.
4. Blended yellow, gold, brown and titanium natural paint stamped patterns with bubble wrap, shelf liner paper, foam stamps, bottle caps and a stencil of squares.
5. Repeated #3 using raw sienna and primary red paint.
6. Gessoed page, thinned with water, leaving about a inch border.
7. Used gel medium to adhere newsprint and handmade tissue paper.
8. Painted a blend of yellow hues painted over the newsprint and tissue paper.
9. Repeated step #3 with red hued paints.
10. Repeated step #4 using browns, natural buff and yellow paint. Used foam stamps of numbers and diamonds.
11. Used gel medium to adhere and coat a stamped image (I just happened to have the stamp of the image Lynne used), scrapbook paper, a thesaurus entry for the word "clown", red and white handmade tissue paper.
12. Used purple, magenta and brown paint to stamp diamonds and circles and stenciled squares. Used a carmel apple stick dipped in paint for the small dots.
13. Mixed titanium buff, turquoise and silver paint with a liberal amount of water, pained numbers over surface.
14. Took a white gel pen (recently discover this pen - Inkssentials Opaque White - its stays on over layers of paint) to highlight the letters, face, collar and hat.
I am working on a more original version of this technique and will post when done.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AJS Lesson #2

The current lesson for the Artist Journals and Sketchbooks is to use a photocopies to create and invent methods to use on your journals.
I used a photo of my mom from a trip she took from her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to Los Angeles in the mid 1950s. The photo was taken on Olvera Street in L.A. Mom remembers the blouse being pale yellow and the skirt black velvet.
Basic photocopy on scrapbook paper of a beach scene. Purple pigment ink on the borders with the word "California" cut from another scrapbook paper.
Body created from photocopy stencil and over painted, Pitt pen writing, stickers, corner fabric embellishment, painted and ink dye background, leather and grommet luggage embellishment, clear round sticker.

Three sheets of scrapbook paper torn and over painted with liquid acrylics using bubble wrap, shelf lining paper and bottle cap as stamps. Photo cut using the photocopy as a template. Arms cut from leftover photocopy used on another piece.

Photocopy used as a mask for pigment and dye inks brushed over scrapbook paper, bird cut from another piece of scrapbook paper, ribbon, miniature playing card.

Photocopy colored with water soluble oil pastel on scrapbook paper, name and diamonds stamped in dye ink. Sticker sanded and brushed with pigments inks.
Photocopy doubled on scrapbook paper with words cut from another piece of scrapbook paper, raised sticker white dots with red pigment and pink dye ink on edges.

Full photocopy of the original picture colored with colored pencils on scrapbook paper.

Photocopy covered with loose glitter and glitter glues on a painted acrylic background with a piece cut from another scrapbook paper.

The backs of all pieces were from heavy cardstock scrapbook paper gessoed for strength on the back of the paper prior to decorating.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

North Bay Belly Dance Bazaar

I haven't posted about belly dance in a long time. Which was my original intent to ramble on (like it do in person) about belly dance. I really have been performing solo and with Rising Stars.

Today Rising Stars performed at North Bay Belly Dance Bazaar. It was rather sparsely attended (at least when we performed). There was only four of us. It is the same choreography we have done for months but my arms and neck are sore this evening. Maybe it was the three hours of sock knitting last night.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Loma Prieta 20th Anniversary

Today is the 20th Anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. The Chronicle the next morning was only eight pages due to the fact the newspaper had no computers or power.
I was at the third game of the World Series. Being a Giants fan, I hoped we would be coming back from a 2-0 deficit against the Oakland A's. When the earthquake hit, it felt to me as if it went side-to-side, then I could feel the stadium lift up. As it lifted up, I thought that we would just keep going and that it was all over. I looked over at the light standards which were swaying a little much and I thought would break in two. They didn't. Fortunately no one was hurt and there was minimal damage. Everyone in the crowd was very quiet a second or two then erupted in cheering and talking. We had no idea how bad it was. We thought they would start the game any minute.
My ticket with the corner missing - the ticket takers removed it when the game resumed 10 days later.
Once we found out from the people who had radios and little portable tv sets, we knew about the building collapses in the Marina, the Bay Bridge section falling and the Cypress collapse.
The crowds at Candlestick were asked to leave by the police on loudspeakers on the field. Everyone left orderly. It took us until 10:40 pm (about four hours) to get home what would normally be about 45 minutes to an hour. But at least we got home and had one to go to. It was a terrible disaster.
Candlestick shortly after the quake hit.

Pictures of the scoreboard before and after the quake. The scoreboard picture at the top says "Welcome to Game 3 of the 1989 World Series". The bottom says "Welcome Back to Game 3 of the 1989 World Series".

Friday, October 16, 2009

Journal Making

I have been participating in a online workshop Artist Journals and Sketchbooks. I completed the first assignment almost two weeks ago and was so inspired I made another journal:

All pages are made from Diet Pepsi boxes, gessoed, painted and altered, then sewn.

We had about 6.5 inches of rain in 24 hours on Tuesday. The worst October storm since 1962. I was getting a little bit of cabin fever from being indoors so DH challenged me to do practice my line drawing. Two minutes later:

DH was practicing his TV viewing.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Moleskine Madness

I have way too many Moleskine Journals.

I first started using Moleskine at work as a notebook but soon purchased more.

Last year I thought I would start a "green journal". The idea was to do a whole journal with green as the dominant color. That became boring real fast. The following layout from this journal is six pages cut, painted and laminated. I couldn't figure out how to photograph it. If I do I will post it later.

At that time, I took up knitting again. The journal on the left is for the year of 2008 and one the right 2009.

I glue in the pattern, a photo of the completed project, the ballband and I piece of the yarn used to keep a record of the project.

I learned how to make socks last year and couldn't stop making them.

This August I began a small moleskine book. The intent was to create a small art journal I could paste and paint in. The first step was to gesso one side of the paper and leave the other available to paste paper and photos. I had an old bottle of gesso I wanted to use up. It was so old that it had become kind of lumpy. I worked with it awhile before I realized I could add water to smooth out the consistency. I had used this brand of gesso in the past to prime wood pieces to take the paint better.

After I gessoed the whole journal and started painting I noticed the pages were very glossy. Then that little light bulb went off. I read the bottle and it was glossy gesso. I had just thought that it was the moleskine was smooth and the gesso reacted to it. But it is really glossy. I like to use water soluble oil pastels blended with baby wipes. Only on this surface the pastels comes right off if you are heavy handed with the blending. I solved that issue by using a lighter touch with the baby wipes and coating it with a light lay of clear gesso (which gives it "tooth").

The first three completed pages:

Acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, scrap from another project, water soluble oil pastels, clip art colored with color pencils, PITT pen.

Acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, stamps, sticker, bubble wrap and ink jet copy.

Scrapbook paper, water soluble oil pastels, clip art colored with color pencils, PITT Pen.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AJS Journal

I joined a workshop - Artist Journal and Sketchbooks in the Yahoo Group Artists of the Round Table. The workshop's first lesson was to create a journal. One of the suggested book covers was a composition book. I had never thought to cut out the pages before. I had recently gessoed a composition book cover, I cut out the pages (so easy), used some scrapbook papers to cover it along with some tape to cover the original black binding and hold the sewn pages in.

Front (excuse the wax paper on the surface of my worktable)

Front and Back

I found an old Strathmore drawing pad with three sheets in it which I took out and folded in half. One sheet from old pad of tracing paper (which had yellowed edges that was perfect), a thin paper bag and a piece of scrapbook paper complete the inside. I used DMC linen embroidery thread to sew the pages to the spine and painted the inside covers with heavy body acrylics.
I may paint and over-stamp the inside and outside covers later after the workshop is done.
About six or seven years ago I was altering composition book covers, but I always left the papers they came with inside. I never really liked the paper.

Below is one I made for my DH after a trip to Eugene, Oregon. DH is a MS Flight Sim freak, hence the airport/plane theme. I punched a hole in each page to fit the compass and then positioned the sticker with a real photo of the sky so where ever you are in the book you can see them.

Cover of the above.

The two composition books below were also made for DH. Only the one with the old truck is upside down on back cover not where is should be on the front cover. I was also using crackle medium which is not very visible in the photo. The plane picture is a photo transfer.
This last one is a small version composition book covered in a copy of a stamp collage I made. I made a larger version for a co-worker who just loved it. It has a little steampunk vibe I never noticed before.

Monday, October 5, 2009

EDM #243

I recently joined a Yahoo group - Everyday Matters. I was hoping to spark my drawing with the weekly challenges. The first challenge to click for me was #243 Draw a pillow. One of my favorite things to draw in my college art classes were paper bags and fabric so a pillow was ideal.
I got out my favorite pencils - HB, 2B and 4B and my ancient stub and an hour later:

The pictures aren't that good. The sketchbook is too big for the scanner and the camera flash made the drawing too light.