Thursday, October 29, 2009

EDM #246 and Other Sketches

I take my mom out everyday for a little fresh air. I have had my sketchbook and knitting with me. I get a little lost trying to find subjects. On Tuesday, I sketched fingerless gloves I made for my mom since she brought them with her. I think it qualifies for the EDM #246 drawing.

I did create art everyday this past week(pats own back). I previously blogged about the AJS lesson #3. I made another piece based on that lesson but I am waiting for the muse to strike for the final inspiration.

I am not overly happy with these sketches. Atfer all these years, I still have problems with value and I focus too much on detail. I want perfection.

Mailbox, graphite pencil

Trees, Pilot G-1 1.0m

Fountain, graphite pencils.


Susan Hosken said...

As a knitter I love, love, love the fingerless gloves. I have commercial ones but none home made.
Thanks for sharing
lots of love from susan in australia

freebird said...

Well I think you did a great job sketching these things. I really like the mitten and the mailbox. I know what you mean about trying for too much detail but we have to draw how we see things. I love to look at other people's really sketchy pics but I can't seem to draw that way myself.

Alex said...

I really like those gloves! The sketch complimenting them is just like cream with cherry on the top ^^
Your sketches are beautifully done, very subtle but brings out the life of the subject. Can't wait to see more

Sandy said...

EXCELLENT work!!!!

Ramona Davidson said...

Your sketches are great. You are a talented person. Like you, I often feel my sketches are lacking. However, we are drawing and moving forward. Don't allow your inner critic to hold you back.

Anonymous said...

I love the gloves and the sketch. I have never had a pair of finerless gloves and am just contemplating knitting some for myself. I do a lot of contemplating.....
The gloves in your sketch fill the page so beautifully - they are bursting with confidence!