Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AJS Lesson #2

The current lesson for the Artist Journals and Sketchbooks is to use a photocopies to create and invent methods to use on your journals.
I used a photo of my mom from a trip she took from her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to Los Angeles in the mid 1950s. The photo was taken on Olvera Street in L.A. Mom remembers the blouse being pale yellow and the skirt black velvet.
Basic photocopy on scrapbook paper of a beach scene. Purple pigment ink on the borders with the word "California" cut from another scrapbook paper.
Body created from photocopy stencil and over painted, Pitt pen writing, stickers, corner fabric embellishment, painted and ink dye background, leather and grommet luggage embellishment, clear round sticker.

Three sheets of scrapbook paper torn and over painted with liquid acrylics using bubble wrap, shelf lining paper and bottle cap as stamps. Photo cut using the photocopy as a template. Arms cut from leftover photocopy used on another piece.

Photocopy used as a mask for pigment and dye inks brushed over scrapbook paper, bird cut from another piece of scrapbook paper, ribbon, miniature playing card.

Photocopy colored with water soluble oil pastel on scrapbook paper, name and diamonds stamped in dye ink. Sticker sanded and brushed with pigments inks.
Photocopy doubled on scrapbook paper with words cut from another piece of scrapbook paper, raised sticker white dots with red pigment and pink dye ink on edges.

Full photocopy of the original picture colored with colored pencils on scrapbook paper.

Photocopy covered with loose glitter and glitter glues on a painted acrylic background with a piece cut from another scrapbook paper.

The backs of all pieces were from heavy cardstock scrapbook paper gessoed for strength on the back of the paper prior to decorating.


freebird said...

These came out great. What does your mom think of them?

Maer said...

jeepers you are inspiring...can you come and do mine for me? I've run into a time problem and perhaps a get-to-the-studio now problem!!! LOL
Maer :)