Friday, October 16, 2009

Journal Making

I have been participating in a online workshop Artist Journals and Sketchbooks. I completed the first assignment almost two weeks ago and was so inspired I made another journal:

All pages are made from Diet Pepsi boxes, gessoed, painted and altered, then sewn.

We had about 6.5 inches of rain in 24 hours on Tuesday. The worst October storm since 1962. I was getting a little bit of cabin fever from being indoors so DH challenged me to do practice my line drawing. Two minutes later:

DH was practicing his TV viewing.


Socrates said...

Very funny! Great line drawing too. i'm part of that class too, and am quite inspired by it. It's so much fun.

freebird said...

I like this journal. We get to have the pleasure of making one and then of filling it.

Janet said...

Love your new journal. The colors are just yummy! Any your little drawing--loks like your husband is enjoying the couch!! janet (from A.R.T)