Sunday, May 31, 2009

Model Trains

We went to the Golden State Model Railroad Museum in Point Richmond today.

Sign outside in the parking lot.

Downtown old Oakland representing the trolley system

Oakland Depot

Oakland SP Yard

Altamonte Pass

Somewhere in the Sierras


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sun and Fun

Yesterday was a busy day for us. We did an eleven mile bike ride at Rush Creek, went swimming and had dinner at the in-laws.

Views from the bike trail.

We decided to take a rest today. Other than being a little tired and sore, it is foggy and cold today.
I went to the Belly Dancer of the Year this afternoon (plus a bit of shopping at the East Bay art supply stores). This year is a new location in at the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center in San Ramon. This is not an area of the East Bay I have been to previously. All new buildings, homes, golf courses, schools and roads. I had to leave early, so I don't know who the winners were. Hopefully, it will be posted soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tribal Fest 9 and Treasure Island

The past weekend was Tribal Fest 9. I have been going every year (and performed once) for several years. This year the weather was the star. In the mid 90s. As the vendors are primarily outside - in the sun - it only took a few minutes before I was sweating. I actually found a good seat inside and stayed put for about three hours.
Fellow Rising Star troupe member, Teresa and her wonderful solo.
I want these costumes:

Unfortunately, not a true color, they were gorgeous shades of teal.

On Sunday, we went to a "conversation" with Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter as part of a series honoring the 70th anniversary of the Golden Gate International Exposition. I have now found the idea place to beat the heat right here on Treasure Island.

Golden Gate Bridge from Treasure Island.
Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter was one of the "Pirate Girls" for the Exposition. She was the most photographed person in the world in 1938-39 and was recently voted an "aviation legend" by the Aviation Hall of Fame. She was absolutely fascinating and talked for over an hour. I am sure she could have gone on longer. She has had the most interesting and intriguing life.

Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter

A display from the museum to represent what Zoe Dell's dressing room would have looked like.

Pan Am Terminal at Treasure Island, San Francisco

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday - Umbrella

I have not been immediately inspired by topics on Inspire Me Thursday - that is until the current challenge of "umbrella". I drew the layout in two minutes from reading the topic and completed the piece later in the evening.
I was thwarted by my evil laptop with posting this piece. Last week it decided to go ballistic on me but calmed down by the next day. However, my mouse stopped working which is not that unusual. The touch pad was just fine, so no issue. Very wrong. The USB ports are out completely and I really didn't comprehend how I have relied on them. No mouse, no camera, no scanner. My very kind and understanding Craig came to the rescue and allowed me to set up the scanner directly to his desktop. He runs very complex Flight Simulator programs ("it is not a game but a simulation") and is understandably proprietary about his desktop.