Saturday, May 2, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday - Umbrella

I have not been immediately inspired by topics on Inspire Me Thursday - that is until the current challenge of "umbrella". I drew the layout in two minutes from reading the topic and completed the piece later in the evening.
I was thwarted by my evil laptop with posting this piece. Last week it decided to go ballistic on me but calmed down by the next day. However, my mouse stopped working which is not that unusual. The touch pad was just fine, so no issue. Very wrong. The USB ports are out completely and I really didn't comprehend how I have relied on them. No mouse, no camera, no scanner. My very kind and understanding Craig came to the rescue and allowed me to set up the scanner directly to his desktop. He runs very complex Flight Simulator programs ("it is not a game but a simulation") and is understandably proprietary about his desktop.

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