Monday, July 6, 2009

Marin County Fair 2009

One item from my list of goals for the year was to enter something, anything, in the Marin County Fair. I had entered a couple of cross stitch items several centuries ago. One received a third place ribbon.

This year I entered six items. Only two were completed by the application deadline. I had to create titles, styles and dimensions for the remaining four. It forced me to have a deadline and a format. The two scrapbook pages took days. For reasons unknown to me, I entered two rubber stamp pieces. I hadn't done a full page stamp pieces in years and it was never one of my strong points. My "Stormy Weather" piece was actually a draft and completed from start to finish in about ten minutes two days before deadline.

So image my surprise when I saw a blue ribbon on it.

It took me a while to find my work. The displays were in no real order other than color.

Four were displayed together.

And my lone knitting project was in the Christmas display. There was a pink display where I would have expected it.

Final total:
First and Second Place, Adult Hobbies, Miscellaneous, Rubber Stamping
Third Place, Adult Hobbies, Miscellaneous, Heritage Scrapbooks
Third Place, Adult Hobbies, Miscellaneous, Outdoors Scrapbooks
Third Place, Adult Hobbies, Knitting, Hat or Cap
Fifth Place, Adult Hobbies, Miscellaneous, Paper Arts
Ribbons for all entries - woohoo

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freebird said...

You did really well! Ribbons in everything!