Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Virtual Paintout - Corsica #3

9 in x 12 in Canson 90 lbs cold press watercolor paper, W&N and Grumbacher watercolors
Yet another Corsica picture for Virtual Paintout. This is a doorway on Rue Saint-Dominque, Bonifacio. There were just too many views to paint. I wanted to paint something other than a landscape.

The door way was a little odd. The top third of the door appeared to be open and a door covered the bottom two thirds. I liked the design of the door and the bright blue street number.

I have toured the whole island so many times on Google Maps I recognize the view on others paintings.


AutumnLeaves said...

Suzanne, I am really stunned by your variety of styles and your artist's eye. I wish I could better articulate what I mean, but your work runs the gamut, each piece lovely and reflective of its subject and the mood of a piece. Love seeing each of your works.

Carol said...

Wow. You found - and articulated - a wonderfully different view of Corsica! Having roamed it all over looking for something different, I feel like I recognize most of the pictures too -- but NOT YOURS. Great going.