Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Challenge

1/8 Sheet Fabriano Artistico 140 lbs CP watercolor paper, Daniel Smith and Grumbacher watercolors, Winsor & Newton Gouache

DH mostly works in colored pencil with aviation themes. DH challenged me to paint a plane. He gave me a type of plane as a reference. The clouds were easy. The hardest was to get the propeller correct. I had to use gouache to have the propeller movement show up. I used a great deal of my new favorite watercolor, Daniel Smith Opera Pink, which didn't pick up on the scan (it is mostly the reflections of the tail on the left wing and highlights.

I gave DH some of my photos to use as a reference to challenge him to draw something other than an airplane.


Dianne said...

You pant so beautifully...

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous Plane! Just reading your fake journal accounts... I need to post my pages as well... :-)