Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bellydance Superstars

This past Sunday Bellydance Superstars performed. It was the fourth tour of Bellydance Superstars I have seen. This time I was front row center. I mean FRONT! ROW! CENTER! Maybe a wee bit close so much so that I was able to see makeup and hair details (which I am heavily borrowing from). It was all worth it to study Rachel Brice THAT close (as well as Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle and Elizabeth Strong). Seen Rachel Brice many times before. She was the first belly dance performer I followed went I first became interested in belly dance. I keep drifting towards tribal but the caberet dancing was better than ever. New show, new choreographers and it made a difference. Nothing against Jillena but after five years everyone needs a change.

Some views from today's coffee run:

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