Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Even More Fetching

Yet another Fetching.

I am not sure about what color to call it. The photo does not pick up the color. It looks reddish gray or even reddish purple. The label has it "Pinot" which obviously is a wine color. I purchased the skein because of its unusual color (yeah I know - because it was Malabrigo).

I think Fetching and Calorimetry are the perfect one skein Malabrigo projects if you cannot commit to more or just want to try out the colorway. Plus they make great gifts.

I have another pair of socks on the needles. On Your Toes in an orange, yellow, purple and mint green (it works, trust me). I should have them done tonight as I worked on sock one (or as I think when I knit up socks as the left sock) during the Superbowl and sock two during Antiques Roadshow. I took a minute between socks to take photos of my beloved 1.5 dpns. They have gotten a wee bent and nicked but they are one of my prized possessions.

I had more trouble with our LYSs trying to get a pair. I went online to get a pair. These dpns are from Crystal Palace Yarns which is only a couple of miles across the Bay from here. Unfortunately, Bluebird Yarns was not open at that time. I would have purchased them from Sophie but at least I know where to find more if something were to happen.

I also have had a few good days in the studio. Mostly just getting paint to paper/canvas. Only the fold out magnet is completed - the rest just a random assortment:


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