Friday, December 4, 2009

Mixed Media Monday - Bedtime Stories

This week's submission to Mixed Media Monday.

Immediately upon seeing this week's challenge topic I did pencil sketch in about two minutes in my 5 in x 5 in Canson sketchbook. I then gessoed some 9in x 12in watercolor paper and painted it with some lovely creepy green acrylic wash I created. I pulled out a bunch of papers to make paper collage quilt, pillow and window/night sky.

Then I got artist's block.

Then I hurt my arm.

Wanting to get the collage done, I decided to ink and watercolor in the original sketch. The lines on the window aren't straight - arm still hurts just enough .

Only it didn't look dark enough, plus it wasn't mixed media enough (though I think technically ink and watercolor are mixed media).

I found a sheet of woven scrapbook paper. So I just put it under the ink/watercolor sketch in the scanner:

Though I have a new computer, I have not yet installed my old copy of Photoshop Elements. But new computer came with Windows 7. I played around with the saturation, tint, and color temperature that program provides and I am kind of happy with the one I submitted.


Diane said...

It's a wonderful piece, and I loved reading about the process :-) Diane

Sandy said...

Wow this is fantastic. Incredible piece.

AutumnLeaves said...

I love each incarnation of this one; reminds me of old storybook illustrations and makes me want to know what this little one is afraid of! I'm off to check out the beanie too!