Thursday, December 10, 2009

Virtual Paintout - Mexico City

This month's submission for the Virtual Paintout:

After Belfast and Nova Scotia as monthly subjects for Virtual Paintout, similar in landscape and had lovely windswept vistas, Mexico City was a nice change. I found colorful building everywhere and some surprising modern architecture. One of the first locations I visited with Google maps was the Mercado de Plantas y Flores or the Flower Market. Buildings and stalls filled with merchandise and plants all in vibrant colors. It was difficult to choose a location to paint. So much color and so much merchandise it would take weeks to complete the details. I decided to draw the building roof structure with more detail and very loosely paint the stalls and merchandise.


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh now this is fabulous! I love the colors and the more nebulous handling of the intricate details. I wish I had thought to do that on my piece! It works beautifully!

Gillian said...

I love that word 'nebulous'. Yes, this is so colourful and impressionistic. Great composition too.