Friday, November 6, 2009

AJS Lesson #5

I created these pieces in one long session today. Sometimes once I get going - and this was after I painted the cell phone for the EDM challenge. My normal color ranges is the pieces numbered 7-9 but I was trying to work out of my comfort zone.

All pieces on watercolor paper 1. Pastels (I didn't intend to make it look like Saturn) 2. Gesso over collage (newsprint, scrapbook paper, pages from a book) 3. Roller sponge with acrylic paint 4. Created patterns with glaze medium and acrylic paint over painted background - used finger and toothpicks to create squiggles 5. Monoprint from acrylic paint on palette paper mixed with a brayer - dry bush over print 6. Stencil layers made from stencils created from punches.

7. Crayon rubbing of wall heater and of light switch plate 8. Rubber stamps inked over acrylic paint 9. Sprayed and splattered ink over acrylic paint allowing it to drip 10. Pale paint wash 11. Water based oil pastels to build intense color 12. Tissue layers over paint and gesso (unfortunately the gold layer does not show its intensity in the scan.

13. Bonus piece created with coffee grounds poured wet directly on the paper. A wee bit messy process but I like the results.

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