Friday, November 13, 2009

Vitual Paintout Part Two (A Story of Three Pieces)

For my second submission to Vitual Paintout this month, is this lovely building in Halifax.

I don't draw buildings much. The last building I remember drawing was when I was about 18. I drew a pencil sketch of a house on Divisadero in San Francisco.

NO STRAIGHT EDGES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS DRAWING. I don't use straight edges or compasses in my art work. I think some art teacher I had told the class we couldn't use them and I have been in the habit ever since. Which of course makes for a lot of drawing and erasing. A lot. Hence the rather leaning windows and lines curving where they shouldn't.

My Original PITT ink drawing.

I was too chicken to add color to the original. So in to the scanner the original went and out printed a new copy on watercolor paper. Very creative use of purple pink.

Too much color. Another print on watercolor paper and a visit with my old friend Payne's Grey yielded the picture which was actually submitted.
Edit: AutumnLeaves left a comment regarding this post that somehow cannot be posted in the comments section. Thank you for the comment: "This is beautiful" I really appreciate this and all comments.


Anonymous said...

Suzanne, I like both of them. I tend to go for the colorful ones myself, but they're equally good. "The Wooden Monkey"--now there's a name for you!

Gillian said...

I can't decide which I prefer but it's a great idea to print them out for further work. I think I'd try digital colouring too!
I love your drawing. I've tried to get straight lines and failed so I go with the flow now - and actually prefer the resulting looser style.
Check out the Urban Sketchers blog and you'll see it really doesn't matter!