Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Computer

My laptop never did recover from its trip to the computer repair store. I didn't want to take it in as I knew what was wrong and didn't want to spend the funds. DH insisted and the computer shop confirmed that nothing was going to replace the burned out USB ports.

DH and I agreed to purchase a new desktop. DH is a flight sim fanatic and wanted his desktop back. Off to Best Buy and I bought a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7. Other than an issue with the new anti-virus, I like this desktop. The old laptop still works so I might just use it like a netbook. Only one problem - the back-up I did when the laptop's USB ports still worked did not back up all of my Itune files. Bummer - I have to find a way to transfer them via the Internet.

Still trying to learn Windows 7 but I like the backgrounds that come with it. There are some wonderful illustrations. But Windows 7 is very much like a Mac in some regards.

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