Monday, November 23, 2009

EDM #179 - Draw an onion

EDN #179 - Draw an onion
Originally uploaded by NeonFog
I rarely have onions in the house. Others have to cut them and when they do I have to leave the house. I like them cooked and I can eat them. However, with the holidays coming we have onions.
I switched watercolor palettes. I had been using a really old W&N travel palette and switched off to some new colors I recently purchased. The old colors weren't quite as bright.


AutumnLeaves said...

I remember doing an onion painting years ago in my first watercolor class. (Hard to believe by my sorry output, but I've taken two of them!) It remains to this day one of my favorite pieces. Your's is just as beautiful!

freebird said...

Love your onion! I like the colors with the yellowish onion and it's blue shadow. Super.

Dan Kent said...

I see why you like the onion - the texture, the colors - you really captured it. My eyes are watering!

Anonymous said...

The way you have depicted the light and shade is beautiful.