Saturday, November 7, 2009

EDM #71 - Draw something representing your favorite sport

Major League Baseball has been my favorite since I was a little baby. Having been born and lived all my life in the San Francisco Bay Area naturally I am a Giants fan (I will go to A's games if the Giants are out of town). This baseball is a real live foul ball. Jack Clark (former Giant who was with the Padres at the time of the foul ball) hit it off of Scott Garrelts of the Giants at a night game at Candlestick when the Giants were still there.

This ball is actually very dirty. The umpires rub special mud on the ball to remove the shine prior to each game. Also pitchers have dirt (and who knows what else) on their hands. There is a mark on the other side where the ball was hit.


Alex said...

Fantastic! Great details, beautiful colors and contrasts, lovely shadows :)

Tammy said...

Great drawing! I love to see a great picture with a great story behind it:o)
I too have challenged myself to draw and post every day in November. Good luck to you, you have a great start!
Tammy at Witt's End

Nicolette said...

I am loving all of your sketches, but this one is a favourite because of the subject. My husband is a HUGE baseball fan (Yankees all the way) and I have been spending a lot of time in my art room as of late because he and my oldest son have been watching all the games.

I love how you have captured the dirt and "history" of that ball!

freebird said...

Great painting of the ball. What fun to have one that was played even if it was a foul.